1743 Born April 13th in Virginia.

1760 Enters College of William and Mary.

1764 Inherits 5000 acres in Virginia and 20 slaves.

1769 Member of House of Burgesses. Begins construction of Monticello.

1772 Marries Martha W. Skelton.

1774 Writes `A Summary View of the Rights of British America.'

1775 Particpates in Continental Congress.

1776 Writes Declaration of Independence.

1779 Elected governor of Virginia. Introduces Statute for Religious Freedom establishing separation of church and state.

1782 Wife dies.

1784 Appointed commissioner to Europe.

1785 Succeeds Benjamin Franklin as minister to France.

1790 Appointed secretary of state by George Washington.

1796 Elected vice president under John Adams. Begins remodeling Monticello.

1801 Elected by House of Representatives as president of US.

1803 Purchases Louisiana Territory from France.

1804 Reelected as president. Approves Lewis and Clark expedition.

1809 Retires to Monticello.

1815 Sells personal library to Library of Congress to raise money to reduce his debts.

1817 Designs the University of Virginia.

1826 Jefferson and John Adams die on July 4th.

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