* Calls for reform increase. Congress has lost the confidence of millions of voters. Feb. 9.

* Reduce staff size. Are armies of staffers getting in the way? Feb. 16.

* End special exemptions. Reformers call for Congress to abide by the rules it passes for the rest of society. Feb. 23.

* Improve standards of ethics. Ethical rules for law-makers are getting tougher - but not tough enough to satisfy the public. March 2.

* Reform campaign finance. Soaring campaign spending leads to fight over curbs. March 9.

* Tighten regulations on lobbyists. How to close the revolving door between government service and lucrative lobbying. March 16.

* Put service to voters in perspective. Are lawmakers neglecting their key role - writing good legislation? March 23.

* Streamline budget process. Decisionmaking is too long, complex, and confusing. March 30.

* Reduce perks. Move to trim free haircuts is on. April 6.

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