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INDECENT PROPOSAL - A rich man offers $1 million for a night with the wife of a poor architect, and the couple decides to accept his offer, with all sorts of ridiculous results. This smarmy and manipulative comedy-drama sets up a race between riches and romance; then it rigs the competition so romance wins by a squeak, and prods the audience to feel virtous for applauding the outcome after savoring the titillations along the way. Meanwhile, any shred of morality gets lost in the shuffle. The performaances a re fine, but Adriane Lyne has filmed the movie like a glossy commercial for sex and money. Don't bother with it unless a handsome stranger offers you at least $2 million. (Rated R) BODIES, REST & MOTION - The main characters are a quartet of rather aimless young folks: a lackadaisical TV salesman who's just been fired, his former girlfriend, a housepainter with a weakness for goofing off, and a woman who finds both her male friends attractive but knows that neither is right for her. The acting is strong, especially Tim Roth and Bridget Fonda, and director Michael Steinberg does a good job of playing the personalities of his characters against the sleepy Southwestern surroundings that frame the story. A drug scene and a heavily suggestive sex episode do more to slow the action than to illuminate its theme, however. Roger hedden wrote the screenplay. (Rated R)

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