The World Court in The Hague yesterday granted Bosnia emergency protection from what it claims is Serbian genocide aimed at exterminating Bosnian Muslims and their culture. The court ordered that the "Federal Republic (of Yugoslavia) should immediately ... take all measures within its power to prevent the commission of acts of genocide." The 14-member United Nations judicial body has no enforcement or punitive powers, but its rulings can sway international opinion and be enforced by the UN Security Counc il. Pakistani crackdown

Pakistan has arrested hundreds of Arab nationals in a crackdown on suspected Islamic militants who are in the country illegally. Police in the frontier city of Peshawar, at the foot of the famed Khyber Pass, began the crackdown Tuesday. They have been raiding offices of Arab humanitarian groups and homes in Peshawar's posh university district. UN volunteer killed

A Japanese volunteer, shot by an unidentified gunman yesterday, became the sixth UN mission member killed in two weeks in Cambodia. UN Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali, however, said that violence would not stop democratic elections scheduled for May. There are 22,000 UN personnel in Cambodia helping to guide the country through democratic elections May 23-28. They include 400 volunteers from around the world, as well as the first Japan-ese military unit sent overseas since the end of World War II . Peace talks proposal

In a bid to persuade the Palestinians to resume peace talks, United States officials have proposed that Israel allow an east Jerusalem Arab to take part in the negotiations, a Palestinian spokeswoman said yesterday. Israel had objected to having Palestinians from east Jerusalem in the talks, fearing it could raise questions about Israel's rule over the city's eastern Arab sector. Court rules on pollution

A federal appeals court in Denver ruled Wednesday that the state of Colorado has authority over the federal government concerning hazardous-waste cleanup at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal just outside the city. The ruling, which overturns a federal district court decision, has national implications for all states with pollution laws that are more strict than the federal government's. Colorado was joined by 22 other states in its court fight to supercede the federal government. Discovery blasts off

The space shuttle Discovery rocketed into orbit with five astronauts yesterday on a mission to measure Earth's shrinking ozone layer. The shuttle rose on time from its seaside pad at Cape Canaveral, Fla. It was the second attempt this week to launch Discovery; the first was aborted 11 seconds before liftoff Tuesday. Marian Anderson, singer

Marian Anderson, the brilliant contralto whose 1939 concert at the Lincoln Memorial was a singular moment in civil rights history, died yesterday in Portland, Ore. Through her tenacity and talent, she helped dispel the myth that blacks could not excel in opera and classical music. She was the first black to sing with the Metropolitan Opera in New York and the first black artist to entertain at the White House.

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