Federal Employees' Participation in Politics

The editorial "Go Slow on Voting Act," March 11, cautions against the passage of HR-20, a reform of the Hatch Act, on the basis that it would politicize federal agencies. But the reform would retain the law's ban on politics in the workplace and using federal employee positions to influence partisan politics. It would only free federal employees to get involved in partisan matters on their own time.

One of the most deeply ingrained lessons I've learned is that it is not only the right, but the responsibility, of every member of a democracy to participate fully in the democratic process. In this country, most of us have the right to do so in whatever way we please - using the telephone, going door to door, or participating in campaigns.

Federal employees, however, have been denied this fundamental right and responsibility ever since passage of the Hatch Act. In fact, virtually the only participation we are currently allowed is to cast our votes on election day. Eloise Kendy, Helena, Mont. Student sexual harassment

The editorial "Harassment in the Schools," March 26, touches on a sensitive issue in our home. In a family with two teens, a daughter and a son, we recognize that sexual harassment is a problem for young people in schools.

Youths are bombarded with messages about many issues, including sexuality and sexual conduct. Both sexes are victims; they lose sight of each other as friends, classmates, and human beings. Our family has discussed this issue and our school has organized activities to explore the topic. As a society we need to appreciate each person's real worth. Bernadette Abbott, Waterbury, Vt. TV's nature shows

Regarding the editorial "The Thought Behind the Image," March 17: Until recently, nature programs focused on the tenderness of wild animals toward their young and animals resting and playing in their natural habitat. Generally viewers were left with good feelings. Now, as the editorial points out, we get vivid pictures of bestiality and brutality. This is neither necessary nor desirable. It just means another program to be turned off. G.P. Dean, Saginaw, Mich.

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