Frontline (PBS, 9-10 p.m.): A heavily researched, seven-months-in-the-making report on the long struggle to reach a racial accord in South Africa is the subject of "Apartheid's Last Stand." National Public Radio's John Matisonn, who has covered South Africa for six years, as well as race relations in the United States, finds room for a reasonably optimistic view of South Africa's future, despite the images of black tribal violence that tend to dominate news in the US about that country. The show also off ers a tough examination of wrongdoing, including interviews with former government intelligence officers who explain `dirty tricks' campaigns designed to stall change. * WEDNESDAY

American Comedy Awards (ABC, 9-11 p.m.): How ... many ... comics ... will ... there be? There'll be so many - that it's not even funny, at the annual celebration of comedy achievement in film and TV. It's the seventh version of this show, and as usual the long list of awards are not as important to viewers as the parade of comic talent they'll be seeing. It includes Eddie Murphy; Whoopi Goldberg; Billy Crystal; Jerry Seinfeld; George Carlin; Dick Van Dyke and his brother, Jerry Van Dyke; Chevy Chase; Ter i Garr; and the Smothers Brothers, and others. Crystal will get a couple of awards, including Funniest Male Performer in a Television Special, handed to him by Goldberg for his hosting of the last year's Oscar show. (On March 29 on ABC, he will host it for the fourth consecutive year.) * THURSDAY

Primetime Live (ABC, 10-11 p.m., ET): Cuban President Fidel Castro is interviewed by Diane Sawyer on this sometimes controversial program. I'm not sure how this segment, taped last Thursday, fits into a format called "live," but let's not quibble. The talk is coming when many are predicting the end of Castro's regime, and his responses - however full of self-serving rhetoric - should be worth hearing, if only for the record.

Please check local listings for all programs.

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