Release Tailhook Report Now, Says Group of Congresswomen

A GROUP of women House members wants Defense Secretary Les Aspin to release the final report on the Tailhook scandal without waiting for appointment of a new Navy secretary.

In a letter to Mr. Aspin released Tuesday, the women said the appointment and confirmation of a Navy secretary "could take weeks, if not months."

"We believe that the humiliation and suffering endured by over 26 women at the Tailhook symposium calls for immediate action," they wrote.

Aspin and the author of the report decided not to release the report until a civilian secretary of the Navy "is available to deal with it." The slow track

The White House says it is collecting contributions to pay for President Clinton's private jogging track - and that work has been stopped until the money comes in to pay for the $30,000 project.

Press Secretary Dee Dee Myers said Tuesday that contributions will be limited to $1,000 and that the National Park Foundation will handle the donations.

Workers had removed cement from a 4-foot-wide section of the circular South Lawn driveway when reporters inquired about the work last week.

Clinton said he had approved a track on the condition that tax money not be used to build it.

"Construction began a little prematurely," Ms. Myers said. Clinton's staff apparently misunderstood his directive and ordered the construction before money was raised.

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