The forgotten Armenia

Your editorial "Armenia's Extremity," Feb. 8, is a welcome breakthrough in the conspiracy of silence which the Western media have been maintaining for quite some time, so as not to hurt the tender feelings of our cold-war ally, Turkey.

Armenia is not a third-world country; it can survive on its own. It still maintains its technological and industrial infrastructure, and, unlike other republics of the former Soviet Union, Armenia has been able to maintain its internal stability, its march toward democracy, and its conversion to a market economy. Armenia does not need United Nations intervention to resolve its conflicts. All it needs is to be left alone by its neighbors, Azerbaijan and Turkey. You hit a nerve with the statement: "Turkey will be a key player.... The history between the two states is sensitive to say the least." No other victimized nation has demonstrated the [forbearing] approach in dealing with its victimizers of yesteryears as Armenia has demonstrated. But no one seems to note how mature Armenians' conduct has been, until they are forced to the wall. Edmond Y. Azadian, Taylor, Mich.

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