Below is a sampling of new home products for babies or young children designed to be convenient, safe, and affordable. They can be purchased in department stores, baby speciality shops, or through mail-order companies.

Portable playpen. This collapsible playpen, made of nylon and mesh, folds up easily into a carry bag. Graco's Pack `N Play ($119.99) can be set up in less than a minute.

Rocking Animals. Children can use these wooden, animal-like chairs as rocking horses. Large half circles at each leg sustain the rocking motion. Made by Lock & Co., Rocking Animals ($109.99) come in different animal designs including horse, ram, elephant, and dinosaur.

Fireplace Guard. This pad, designed to cover corners and sharp edges on hearths, has a sturdy aluminum frame. Made by Kid's Edge Inc., Fireplace Guard comes in two sizes, 45 inches by 78 inches ($59.95) or 57 inches by 102 inches ($79.95).

Black and white play mobile. Eye-catching black and white designs draw babies' attention and encourage visual activity and eye-hand coordination. The Infant Stim-Mobile ($19.99) manufactured by Wimmer Ferguson is made of acrylic and has rounded corners.

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