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The sports article "Shaq Sets the House on Fire," Jan. 25, talks very highly of Shaquille O'Neal and his superstar performance as a rookie in the National Basketball Association. Today the NBA is drafting younger, faster, bigger, and more agile players. This is great for coaches and fans, but the key word is "younger." Do the young players in the NBA have college degrees for a future career? Some may, but what about Moses Malone, who entered the NBA after high school; or Michael Jordan, who left college early to play professional basketball?

It's great that Dr. J (Julius Erving) was able to speak to Shaquille about the importance of an education, but the NBA needs to encourage athletes more fully to achieve their bachelor's degrees before entering the NBA. All it takes is one injury to ruin a basketball career. Tom Westhora, Rexburg, Idaho

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