Clinton Renews Call for Tax on Rich

PRESIDENT Clinton on Saturday used his first White House radio address to brace Americans for his details-to-come economic plan and promise that the bulk of the burden will fall on those "at the top of the ladder."

President Clinton, apparently setting the stage for proposals to cut spending and raise taxes, said he would "cut the cost of government and get rid of windfalls for the wealthy" before looking to other Americans.

"We're going to ask the most from those who have got the most and gave the least during the past dozen years - those at the top of the ladder," Clinton said. "We're going to do everything we can to protect people who are suffering the most from declining incomes and vanishing jobs - the middle class and the working poor."

In a Republican response to Clinton's address, Sen. Connie Mack of Florida said the GOP wants to work cooperatively with the new president but "for the economy to move forward, talk of raising taxes has to stop."

Clinton presents details of his economic stimulus plan to Congress on Feb. 17 and unveils his first budget on March 23.

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