Short Takes on the Teams and the Game

* The Buffalo Bills have 14 wins and 5 losses this year; the Dallas Cowboys are 15 and 3. The two teams did not play each other this season, but faced four common opponents: Against those opponents, both teams had a 3-1 record, each losing to different teams.

* If Dallas coach Jimmy Johnson wins, he would be only the second coach in NFL history to win both a national intercollegiate championship (1987, University of Miami) and an NFL title.

Former head coach and Hall of Famer Paul Brown won an NCAA title (1942, Ohio State) and three NFL titles with the Cleveland Browns.

* Dallas is playing in and its NFL-record sixth Super Bowl. This is the Bills' third straight Super Bowl appearance, putting them with the Miami Dolphins (1971-73). The Bills have lost twice; a third-straight loss would set a new NFL record.

* Fans at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif., will likely produce 50 tons of garbage, enough to cover a football field four feet deep. Officials hope to capture 20 tons of recyclables in 400 special bins.

* Nonfootball fans who want to catch Michael Jackson's 10-minute spectacular at halftime should have their TV sets on starting at 7:30 or so. The show will feature a ton of pyrotechnics, a 750-member drill team, and 3,500 children.

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