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MATINEE - Thoughtful comedy about a feisty horror-movie producer who comes to a quiet Florida town in 1962 to preview his latest epic, only to find that the Cuban missile crisis has people more frightened than anything his shock-o-ramas could accomplish. Directed by Joe Dante, who brings just the right blend of humor and eccentricity to the action. John Goodman heads the wonderfully offbeat cast; Jerico and Charlie Haas wrote the screenplay. (Rated PG) USED PEOPLE - Nobody in the neighborhood knows how to react when an aging Italian man starts romancing a Jewish woman who just became a widow and hasn't yet started to figure out the rest of her life. The movie is packed with details about ethnic family life, but it never picks up much comic or dramatic steam. Directed by Beeban Kidron. (Rated PG-13) VOLERE VOLARE - Maurizio is a movie-sound technician who won't work on the porno films his brother makes; Martina is a sort-of-prostitute who'll do anything with a client as long as it isn't sexual. They're an odd couple, and they become even more so when our hero finds himself turning into one of the cartoon characters he loves so much. Maurizio Nichetti stars in this offbeat Italian comedy, which he wrote and directed with Guido Manuli.(Rated R)

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