Statehood for Puerto Rico and the Language Issue

Regarding the editorial "Puerto Rico's Status," Jan. 13: "If Puerto Ricans want their statehood, they should have it," according to the editorial. Puerto Rico was considered for United States statehood about two years ago. At that time, Puerto Rico's legislature hastened to pass a law abolishing English as one of the island's two official languages.

The new Spanish-only law repealed an 89-year-old law that made English and Spanish official languages. In signing this legislation, the governor of Puerto Rico explained that Puerto Rico was reaffirming its heritage, culture, language, and identity. America has the right to preserve its heritage, culture, language, and identity. Therefore, if statehood for Puerto Rico is again considered, the English language must be part of the statehood option. It should be remembered that French-speaking Louisiana bec ame an English-speaking state. Puerto Rico should not be treated differently. LaVonne Brown, Encinitas, Calif.

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