The `war paradigm'

Regarding the Opinion page article "It's Time to Junk the `War Paradigm,' " Dec. 14: While it is unquestionably the hope of most of us in the world to live in peace and harmony with one another, I believe it to be, just as the authors deride, a "naive fantasy."

What the authors, as well as most pro-peace liberals fail to recognize is mankind's fundamental inability to carry out the only requirements necessary for world peace: humility. Because mankind views humility as a weakness, the natural byproducts of humility - the ability to compromise and to defer one's preferences for the benefit of the common good - are abdicated.

Our nature must change, and that is an act that cannot be accomplished by legislation or education but rather by replacement entirely. Thus, to wholly abandon the "war paradigm," though greatly desirable, is not practical or wise. To a degree, the war paradigm is a necessary ingredient for our ultimate survival. Neil Uchitel, Los Angeles

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