Iraq sent salvage crews into Kuwait for the fourth day running yesterday in fresh defiance of Western warnings that it risked military retaliation. A United Nations spokesman reported that the Iraqis had entered Kuwait to remove installations from a former naval base, the site of Iraqi incursions every day since Sunday. US defense officials said that cruise missiles on American warships in the Gulf as well as up to 200 allied aircraft were available in the region for expected military action by the US, w hich has accused Iraq of no-fly-zone violations. Druglord makes threat

Fugitive druglord Pablo Escobar has threatened to kidnap diplomats and bomb the attorney general's office if the Colombian government does not meet conditions for his surrender, El Tiempo, a Bogota newspaper, reported yesterday. African poachers arrested

Investigators arrested 121 people, most of them Zimbabweans, for dealing in poached ivory and rhinoceros horn in 1992, the national parks department said yesterday. It was the first official acknowledgment that Zimbabwean nationals play a key role in the smuggling. Reagan campaign cleared

In a report of a bipartisan House task force released yesterday, Ronald Reagan's presidential campaign was cleared of allegations that it cut a deal with Iran to delay the release of American hostages in 1980 in order to defeat Jimmy Carter. Haitian dispersal

Gov. Lawton Chiles of Florida says Pentagon officials have assured him that southern Florida will be spared the brunt of any large exodus from Haiti. Chiles said Tuesday that the military is prepared to disperse up to 100,000 refugees across the US. Endeavour launched

Endeavour, NASA's newest shuttle, hurtled into space with five astronauts yesterday after lifting off from Cape Canaveral, Fla. On Sunday, two crew members will undertake a five-hour spacewalk before the craft's scheduled Tuesday landing. Quayle on his future

Vice President Dan Quayle says he will run for president or nothing at all. "I am not interested in running for governor or any other office," Quayle said in an interview published in yesterday's Washington Post. Bush honors Reagan

In one of the final ceremonies of his own term in office, President Bush chose to honor his predecessor by bestowing the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Ronald Reagan. The former president was in Washington yesterday to accept the nation's highest civilian honor. Air fares fall

A new fare war touched off by Northwest Airlines has broken out. Northwest said Monday it would give 20 percent discounts to two people traveling together, 30 percent to groups of three, and 40 percent to groups of four or more. Other major national carriers said they would make similar offers. Tourists stranded

Washouts last week along a highway stretching the length of Mexico's Baja California have stranded as many as 1,000 Americans and other tourists.

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