Ohio Representative Resigns to Be Lobbyist

REP. Willis Gradison (R) of Ohio resigned less than a week into his 10th term to become head of an insurance-industry lobbying group. He said the offer was too good to pass up.

"I've reached the point of life where I really would like to have one more major professional challenge," Mr. Gradison said Jan. 11. "At the age of 64, it's somewhat flattering that somebody considers that I'm good for something other than cutting the grass."

Gradison, a Republican from Cincinnati, said his resignation will be effective at the end of the month. In December, he lost an attempt to win a place in Republican leadership in the House.

Gradison said that he had intended to serve his full term when he ran for re-election Nov. 3 and received 75 percent of the vote.

But he said that after the election he received an offer to become president of the Health Insurance Association of America and could not turn it down. He would not say what he will be paid.

Gradison will be barred by law from having any direct contact with his former colleagues in the House. But he will be allowed to give the association advice and plan strategy for handling negotiations with Congress.

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