The Iran-Contra Pardons, Government Under the Law

The editorial "The Iran-Contra Pardons," Dec. 29, deals with a serious and embarrassing matter having to do with either ignorance or blatant disregard of the conduct of government under the law.

The executive branch had, in the Iran-contra case, ignored the applicable laws of the land. To pardon those involved sent a very negative message to the citizenry from the nation's highest office: Laws are made to be broken.

Good citizenship does not grow from such leadership. The nation has seen too much flouting of the law from government leaders. Being among the most highly visible citizens of this country, elected members of our federal government, must reestablish a work ethic embracing a strong, legal, honest, and moral example if this nation is to be guided toward the strengths needed to survive. Wayne A. Lawson, Bellevue, Wash.

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