`Regulating Weapons, Saving Lives'

The editorial "Regulating Weapons, Saving Lives," Dec. 22, is very commendable, but unfortunately it incorrectly assumes that laws will disarm those who should not have weapons, and, in addition, it won't save lives.

New York City is a perfect example of the failure of extremely restrictive gun control laws to disarm the violent. The police estimate of more than 2 million illegal guns in New York is conservative. Despite the most repressive and restrictive gun control laws in the nation, New York City is awash with illegal guns. It doesn't matter where they come from, they are illegally obtained, illegally possessed, and illegally used.

New York City also has one of the highest murder rates in the nation; Washington, D.C., which bans guns totally, has the highest murder rate in the nation. Since gun control laws have little effect upon violence and illegal guns, why advocate more of the same? Martin W. Boxer, Monsey, N.Y.

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