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WE can act more efficiently and productively when we have useful information. But is it possible to collect too much information--more than is useful? Can our collection of information even become confusing?

``Clutter is confusion," my aunt always says. She is usually referring to my uncle and his collection of everything, and he does keep everything. Piles and piles of stuff. We love him dearly though, and I even learned a lesson from his collecting.

A couple of years ago I asked myself, ``Why do I read all the help-wanted advertisements in the daily paper?" I thoroughly enjoyed my job and had no desire for another, but I had assumed that one day I might need the information! It became obvious to me that my mental collection of pay rates, descriptions, and availability concerning jobs was cluttering my thought. Like piles of stuff, it obscured other information that was valuable to me!

To restore order to my thought I prayerfully turned to the Bible and found in Psalms, ``In thee, O Lord, do I put my trust: let me never be put to confusion." I realized that I should gather information from a standpoint of trust in God, rather than collect it out of fear. Reasoning that assumes man is mortal, incomplete, and separate from God is deceptive and guarantees confusion. Reliable reasoning, however, understands that God is the only creator and that we, as His children, are immortal. God, divin e Mind, is an intelligent creator who is fully capable of sustaining His creation.

How, then, do we distinguish information that will clutter our thinking? How can we discern between the right or wrong concept of God and man for example? We turn to God, who gives us only true information. In Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, we read: ``Scripture informs us that `with God all things are possible,'--all good is possible to Spirit; but our prevalent theories practically deny this, and make healing possible o nly through matter. These theories must be untrue, for the Scripture is true."

What we read in the Bible of the prophets and of Christ Jesus' life and teaching shows us that genuine health, supply, and progress are spiritual, eternal, and always originate in God. This is definitely beneficial information. It quickly became clear to me that man really only has one job: to serve, or image forth, God. So I quit reading those advertisements. God is good, and as His children we reflect patience, pure joy, and impartial love. Because God is infinite, I saw that my job could never end or be eliminated. What was eliminated for me, though, was the fear that my source of supply, or happiness, came from outside and needed to be collected or stored up. God, good, cannot be collected; He unfolds His ideas through spiritual man continually.

Wouldn't you know that very soon after this I did, in fact, change jobs. The new job was one that I had never seen advertised in the paper! And it has been both challenging and very rewarding. We cannot safely put our hopes or confidence in some collection--whether of things or information--that can be taken away, lost, or forgotten. But trusting God, who creates man in His exact likeness, to unfold His ideas to us results in a constant flow of enlightenment. And this spiritual knowledge will help us sel ect intelligently from the information that comes to us from human sources. We'll see clearly what will be useful to us and make good use of it, while putting aside information that might only serve to clutter our thinking.

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