Clinton's economic summit

Regarding the article "Politics, Business Mix At Clinton's Summit," Dec. 16: There are some of us who liken President-elect Clinton's economic conference to nothing less than a political miracle. When is the last time you saw a gathering of political, academic, and business leaders, as well as ordinary people, harboring different politics and beliefs? When is the last time you saw a president (or president-elect) conduct such a meeting with skill, understanding, and a mastery of detailed background?

So what if there were people present who expect a political appointment? So what if there were others who had an ax to grind? They all made a contribution. No one orchestrated that many diverse people. No one wrote a script for that assembly. And no one had to feed answers or pump information to Mr. Clinton. We have witnessed political history in the making. Hereafter, presidential leadership and performance will have a new benchmark. Ralph W. Ritchie, Springfield, Ore.

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