Doing Our Part to End Suffering in Somalia

Regarding the front-page article "View in Somalia: US Troops Face Lengthy Stay," Dec. 3; The United States should face up to the long-term reality of the Somalia conflict along with the immediacy of starvation.

President Bush promised: "[We] are determined to do it right, to secure an environment that will allow food to get to the starving people of Somalia." However noble this determination, it seems that to do it right would involve a movement toward a resolution of the conflict bringing on such suffering. Mr. Bush spoke of "the countryside now devastated by starvation." Isn't starvation the resulting devastation?

Who should we fight if we wish to end the suffering - the holocaust alone or also the selfish power-play creating it? Our compassion should spur the US to do its part in resolving Somalia's conflict as well as feeding its victims. Anne M. Greeott, Seattle

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