Chairman, Council of Economic Advisers


* Born: New Jersey, June 28, 1947.

* Education: BA, Smith College, 1969; PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), 1974.

* Military Service: None.

* Career: Assistant professor, Princeton University, 1974-77; consultant for Council on Competitiveness, 1986-89; consultant for Electronics Industry Assn., 1989; consultant for Motorola, 1989-90; visiting professor, MIT, 1986; consultant for International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, 1980-86; visiting professor, Harvard Business School, 1989-90; professor, University of California at Berkeley, 1978 to present.

* Personal: Married to Erik Tarloff; one child.

* Assessment: Tyson is a leading advocate of "industrial planning," arguing the US government should subisidize key industries and use the threat of tariffs to open foreign markets. She is less well known, both among economists and among the general public, than many previous chairs.

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