The words of Rush Limbaugh

The review of Rush Limbaugh's bestseller calls the book "informative." However, where Mr. Limbaugh deals with factual information rather than opinion, "misinformative" would be a more accurate description. The chapter "Sorry, But the Earth Is Not Fragile" is packed with inaccuracies and factual errors. For example, Limbaugh propagates the myth that chlorine from volcanoes has a larger affect on the ozone layer than chlorine from man-made CFCs, despite solid evidence in the modern earth sciences.

Limbaugh draws many of his "facts" about environmental issues from another right-wing "expert," Dixie Lee Ray, whose book "Trashing the Planet," is also chock-full of factual errors and distortions.

In this way, Limbaugh propagates misinformation to a wider audience than does Ms. Ray, and the Monitor amplifies the distortion by calling Limbaugh's book informative. Conway Leovy, Seattle

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