`Culinary Landmarks' Available by Mail

HERE are some of Allison Engel's favorite mail-order food items from her book "Food Finds," which she wrote with her sister Margaret:

American Spoon Foods

1668 Clarion Avenue

P.O. Box 566

Petoskey, MI 49770

(800) 222-5886

"With some food companies, you must pick and choose carefully from among the offerings. At American Spoon Foods, throw caution to the wind. Open any of its handsome catalogs and jab a finger on any page. Whether it is dried red tart cherries, native nutmeats, any of its preserves, or its new no-oil `salad dazzlers,' all of American Spoon Food products are the very best you can find."

A Fruitlands Box, containing two preserves, a fruit butter, and three kinds of dried fruit costs about $40, including shipping and handling.

New Penny Farm Potatoes

85 Williams Road

Presque Isle, ME 04769

(207) 768-7551

"[Chris] Holmes has been growing old potato varieties in Maine's far-northern Aroostook County for nine years and now sends them around the country, rekindling food memories." They're all hand-picked and certified organic. Five-pound burlap bags sell for $15; 20 lbs. are $29, including shipping east of the Mississippi River.

Euclid Beach Popcorn Balls

The Humphrey Company

11 Magnolia Drive

Cleveland, OH 44110

(216) 481-7575

"The continued existence of these superb, oversized popcorn balls is a testament to the persistence of the Humphrey family, whose name was synonymous with good food at Cleveland's grand old amusement park, Euclid Beach." Gift packs start at $12.95 for four popcorn balls, a bag of candy kisses, and a 2-lb. bag of popcorn. Call or write for a brochure.

Deer Mountain Raspberry Jam

Made in Granite Falls, WA

East 9614 Sprague Ave.

Spokane, WA 99206

(509) 838-1517

The Graham family "has been making raspberry jam for 36 years, producing an honest, crushed-fruit jam that oozes with raspberry flavor." Six other kinds of berry preserves are available. All are $3.95 per 1-lb. jar, plus shipping.

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