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CONSENTING ADULTS - Tempted into wife-swapping by a gregarious new neighbor, a well-groomed suburbanite finds himself ensnared in murder and mayhem. The contrived, paranoid story is matched by wooden filmmaking and stilted dialogue. Kevin Kline and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio head the cast, which sometimes seems unhappily aware of how badly the movie is going. Directed by Alan J. Pakula. (Rated R) JOHNNY STECCHINO

Another run-through of the old gag about an ordinary man who stumbles into trouble because he looks exactly like someone he's never met, in this case a dangerous mobster who would benefit from our hero's demise. Roberto Begigni, the Italian comedian best known to Americans for the Jim Jarmusch films "Night on Earth" and "Down by Law," wrote and directed the farce, which has become the highest-grossing Italian film ever made. He gives the picture his usual manic energy, but the situation wears thin after a while. (Not rated) RAMPAGE - A young man commits several murders, pleads insanity at his trial, and sparks debate over whether he's responsible for his horrific actions. William Friedkin's clumsily made melodrama is one part lurid exploitation, and one part thinly disguised propaganda for capital punishment. It fails on every count. (Rated R)

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