The Immigration Issue

The Opinion page article "US Refugee Policy Faulted," Nov. 12, is an excellent review of the issue. The author notes that our refugee policy has outlived its historical mission. The same could be said for our entire immigration policy.

The United States currently allows entrance of more immigrants each year than the rest of the world's nations combined allow into their countries. And this quota does not take into account refugees and family members of immigrants who enter the US each year.

Do the immigration-policy makers truly understand the long-term implications? Through natural increase and legal and illegal immigration, America is adding at least 3 million people to its population each year. Conservatively, in 50 years, there will be at least 400 million Americans.

If the US limited its total number of immigrants to the total number of people leaving the US each year, which is approximately 200,000 people, would not that be a wise policy in the long run? Responsible policymaking must be based on long-term not short-term benefits. G. B. Lloyd, Southwest Harbor, Maine

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