A mandate for the UN

Given the emerging regional trends in the direction of peace, it is time that the United Nations General Assembly changes both the tone and the content of its resolutions regarding Israel. With the sole exception of the United States, UN member nations continue to pass resolutions which repeatedly have the effect of hindering - not helping - the peace process.

One important case in point is the UN's refusal to allow Israel, like other countries, to hold key positions such as a nonpermanent membership on the Security Council, the presidency of the General Assembly, and chairmanships of various committees. Without this, Israel uniquely continues to be denied full participation in the work of the UN, and an opportunity is being missed to grant Israel the international acceptance it needs as it considers the risks it must take in the peace process.

The current (47th) session of the General Assembly provides the chance to reverse the UN's defamation of Israel. It is crucial that all Americans seeking constructive change in the fragile Middle East encourage our government leaders to work with foreign representatives to end this trend of "Israel-bashing." Mark J. Levinson, Boston President, American Jewish Committee, Greater Boston Chapter

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