In addition to his other activities, Philip Glass recently founded a new record label called Point Music, devoted to discovering musicians Glass hopes will be "the composers of the 21st century." Its latest release is Todd Levin's album "Ride the Planet," a vigorous hybrid of minimalism and rock.

There are plenty of opportunities to hear his own work:

* "Einstein on the Beach," an opera in four acts by Glass and Robert Wilson, with choreography by Lucinda Childs and featured performances by Childs and Sheryl Sutton. Music performed by the Philip Glass Ensemble. At the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Opera House, Nov. 19-23.

* "The Mysteries and What's So Funny," a performance piece composed by Glass, directed by David Gordon, and designed by Red Grooms. At the Joyce Theater, Dec. 15- Jan. 3, 1993.

* "Woyzeck," a play by Georg Buchner, with incidental music by Glass. At the Joseph Papp Public Theater beginning Nov. 24.

Completed and awaiting production are two more Glass operas: "The White Raven," his latest collaboration with Wilson, and "Orphee," based on the respected play and film by Jean Cocteau. Glass also hopes for more productions of his earlier operas, including "Akhnaten," about the innovative Egyptian ruler, and "The Making of the Representative From Planet 8," based on the science-fiction novel by Doris Lessing.

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