The real Hillary

President-elect Bill Clinton could not have done it without Hillary Clinton. His wife had to refashion her persona to shift into an image of a First Lady; an image that the eyes of mainstream voters could recognize. Call it the "before" and "after" Hillary Clinton make-over.

The "before" Hillary kept her maiden name, Rodham. She was a professional, a graduate of Yale Law School, and a partner in a prominent law firm. The "after" Hillary metamorphosed into a full-time candidate's wife and mother who sported a blond hairstyle and dueled chocolate-chip cookie recipes with First Lady Barabara Bush. Mrs. Clinton's decision to change her image should be respected. I hope that post-election, however, her considerable professional and intellectual capabilities might be more fully ut ilized. She has certainly paid her dues. Sandra M. Slotnick, Williamsport, Pa.

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