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Elizabeth Tamposi, a State Department assistant secretary active in Republican politics, has been dismissed for conducting an unorthodox search into President-elect Clinton's passport files. The resignation came after reports surfaced that the State Department also had examined Ross Perot's passport files.... EUROPE AND MIDDLE EAST

The European Community said Nov. 11 it would send its negotiators back to the bargaining table with US officials as soon as possible in an effort to avert a damaging trade war. No date has been set, but an EC official said trade negotiators Frans Andriessen and Ray MacSharry may travel to Washington early in the week of Nov. 16 to restart the bargaining.... The Church of England was scheduled to vote Nov. 11 on whether to allow women to become priests in a ballot that may cause upheaval and possibly a sc hism.... Russia and Hungary agreed Nov. 11 to drop bilateral financial demands over the withdrawal of Soviet troops stationed in Hungary after World War II.... Israeli troops shot and killed a Palestinian in the Gaza Strip on Nov. 11, setting off riots in which soldiers killed two other Arabs. AFRICA AND ASIA

West African soldiers bombarded Charles Taylor's Liberian rebels from land, sea, and air while gun battles were fought in central Monrovia Nov. 11 in some of the heaviest fighting in the 27-day battle for the capital.... South Korea will hold elections Dec. 18 to choose a successor to President Roh Tae Woo, state radio said Nov. 11. President Roh is barred from running again.... The United States has eased its embargo against Vietnam by lifting a restriction blocking direct telephone links.

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