Views From Abroad on United States Vote

A survey of world reaction to the election of Bill Clinton reveals cautious optimism, amid concerns about trade protectionism and disruptions in US foreign policy in the Middle East and China

Germans are enthusiastic about new, younger American leader

VICTOR Clinton Good for Us," proclaimed the banner headline on Germany's most popular newspaper, Bild. The press has received the news of Clinton's victory with enthusiasm. It's hoped that the new, younger president will be able to motivate Americans and deliver a stronger economy capable of pulling the world out of recession.

German officials don't appear concerned that Clinton wants to make deeper, faster troop cuts in Germany than Bush, saying Clinton shares Bonn's desire for a significant US presence. There is concern Clinton may prove protectionist in trade matters. But Germans like his emphasis on East Europe and the former Soviet Union, as well as his greener approach to the global environment.

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