Funds for prisoner education

I was a bit disgruntled after reading the Justice page article "Prison Education Rankles Critics," Oct. 13. I could have taken the route of gang activity and crime many of my classmates took out of high school in the Los Angeles County School District. Instead, I took the path to college. Now I have a $20,000 debt in student loans to pay for along with my degree. I tap into the same fund as prison inmates, federal Pell grants, to help finance my college education.

I receive just enough from this fund to cover the cost of my books, for which I am truly grateful. Yet why do those who commit crimes and go to prison receive the priceless gift of a fully financed, debt-free education? An education in order to obtain a high school diploma in our prisons is perfectly understandable; this is free to us all; but college level and graduate degrees? I think not; at least not on the tab of taxpayers. Amy Stacy, Durham, N.H.

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