Greece and the Recognition of `Macedonia'

I am distressed by the article "UN Recognition of Macedonia Is Key to Restraining Serbs," Oct. 7. It seems that the American press is falling into a dangerous trend of targeting Greece as an obstacle to conflict resolution in the Balkans. Greece is not arguing against the legitimacy of Skopje's efforts to form an independent state.

Rather, Greece is concerned over whether the Skopjan government is asserting its rights in a manner that will increase hostilities.

To categorize Greece's concern over the use of the name "Macedonia" as absurd reinforces an equally dangerous practice of examining present events within a limited historical context.

Recognizing Skopje under the name "Macedonia" would perpetuate incorrect cultural assumptions, while never resolving the tensions between the two countries. Isn't it time for more preventive measures in this highly volatile area rather than allowing tensions to escalate unchecked? M. T. Vardis, Lakeville, Mass.

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