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Basketball star Earvin "Magic" Johnson, who announced his return to the Los Angeles Lakers in September despite having contracted the HIV virus, said Nov. 2 he is going back into retirement..... Hal Roach, who teamed Stan Laurel with Oliver Hardy, discovered Harold Lloyd, and created the beloved "Our Gang" comedies that endure on TV today as "The Little Rascals," has died at 100. EUROPE

Karl-Heinz Schmidt, a Christian Democrat who is head of the internal affairs committee in the German port of Rostock, resigned from office after sparking controversy Nov. 2 by asking the leader of the country's Jewish community whether his homeland was Israel rather than Germany.... Clashes between ethnic Ingush and Ossetians have killed more than two dozen people this week in the Caucasus Mountains of southern Russia. President Boris Yeltsin has declared a state of emergency after the first serious outb reak of ethnic fighting on Russian territory. MIDDLE EAST AND ASIA

Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and his government defeated a vote of no-confidence Nov. 2, ensuring continued support for his peace policies. Rabin survived by resolving a bitter dispute between two partners in his coalition government - the orthodox Shas party and the left-wing, secular Meretz bloc.... An Iranian cleric who wants Salman Rushdie killed said Nov. 2 that the bounty on the British author's life had been boosted above $2 million.... About 1,200 people were arrested Nov. 3 during a nati onwide general strike in India called by a right-wing opposition party to protest rising prices. At least 50 people were hurt in Bombay.

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