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South Korea will go ahead with joint military exercises with the United States this week despite threatening messages from the North, Seoul's Prime Minister Hyun Soong-jong said yesterday.... Britain's Prince Charles and Princess Diana put aside their marital troubles yesterday as they began a formal visit to South Korea.... Indian police said they would seize copies of Madonna's "Sex" because they consider the book to be pornographic. But the book will not be formally banned..... German Foreign Minister

Klaus Kinkel declared yesterday that relations between his country and China would be normalized, ending three years of coolness that followed the bloody crackdown on the Tiananmen Square democracy movement. Germany, like other Western countries, had imposed sanctions on China following the June 1989 crackdown .... Pakistan's government suspended four railway workers and arrested a fifth person yesterday in the wake of a head-on collision involving a passenger train and a freight train. At least 14 people were killed and another 60 injured, many of them seriously, in Saturday's wreck. UNITED STATES

The three presidential candidates spent the last 24 hours before election day in a frantic, last-minute scramble for votes. Gov. Bill Clinton and President Bush stumped in the heartland, while Ross Perot campaigned in California and Texas. All three candidates took to the airwaves last night.... Emergency shelters opened yesterday, US military ships put out to sea, and today's election was postponed as the third typhoon in 10 weeks threatened the US territory of Guam. Forecasters said Typhoon Elsie would

pass this morning between Guam and the island of Rota, 30 miles away.

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