Four more years

The presidential debates have clearly demonstrated that President Bush is the only candidate prepared to make the necessary changes to reform the United States political system. The other presidential candidates' programs would destroy the economy. One would lead us toward socialism; the other would drastically increase taxes. American industry needed to restructure, and it has gone through this difficult phase and is now able to compete in the world markets, thus providing a stronger job base.

Mr. Bush understands that the American people want change, and he has proposed major structural changes to the political system. His comprehensive reform package - term limits for members of Congress, the adoption of a line-item veto, and a constitutional amendment to balance the federal budget - is exemplary. The real question in this election is not whether we have courage to change, but whether we have the wisdom to make the right change. Bush has mapped a wise course of political reform that will be good for our children and will maintain our leadership in the free world. Paul H. Smucker, Orrville, Ohio Chairman, J. M. Smucker Company

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