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The Ford Motor Company said yesterday that its losses narrowed to $159 million in the third quarter from $574 million a year ago. Worldwide, the company lost $464 million, an improvement from a $751 million loss a year earlier.... Nine Colombian soldiers were found guilty of helping drug czar Pablo Escobar escape from prison last month, and police killed Brance Munoz Mosquera, the No. 2 Medellin cartel member after Escobar, radio reports said yesterday. ASIA

Amnesty International, in a report released yesterday, has published the names of 235 prisoners still believed held in Cambodia.... Talks on opening a military hot line between the Koreas broke down yesterday over South Korea's threat to resume military exercises with US troops.... The Sri Lankan military found Lt. H.I.S. Kudaligama guilty yesterday of the massacre of 67 Tamil civilians in June 1991.... An earthquake believed centered in northeast Burma measured 6.0 on the Richter scale yesterday. There

were no immediate reports on damage or casualties. EUROPE

Russian President Boris Yeltsin yesterday ordered a security force controlled by a political opponent to disband. The move will likely worsen relations with hard-liners who want to curb his powers.... Dr. Michel Garretta, the former French health official convicted of allowing AIDS-tainted blood to be given to hemophiliacs, was jailed in Paris yesterday after returning from Boston.... Sweden said yesterday it was disappointed that a tough political campaign failed to win it a term on the United Nations S ecurity Council.

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