Bringing democacy to Bosnia

Military intervention in Yugoslavia would be hopeless, not because of the usual reasons of its difficulty, but because it would turn all of the inhabitants of that former country against America.

There is a more effective way in which America could use its diplomatic might in persuading the United Nations to form a commission - Americans, Russians, Germans, British, French - to organize internal elections in the various warring states. Thus, at present the Serb and Croat populations have little chance of expressing themselves because they only hear the side of the ruling party.

Let the United Nations suggest to the leaders of the states at war that they come in and have sufficient time to organize a fair election - the main parties having equal TV time and advertising money, and the actual vote collection supervised by UN personnel.

It is our duty to give the people of the former Yugoslavia a fair whack at a bit of true democracy. J. O'M. Bockris, College Station, Texas

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