International gridlock

Regarding the column "The World From ... Sarajevo," Oct. 14: The plight of the people of Bosnia - a Muslim country without oil - is causing endless ripples of embarrassment to the United States government.

The cabal of Bosnia's neighboring European governments is about to burst at the seams with frustration. The United Nations, with all of its genuine concern, is found lacking the mandate to stop the bloodshed. The Muslim world in turn is seething with indignation, so much so that a number of Arab and Muslim governments are seriously considering retaliatory military action.

The peace-loving people of the world are by now convinced that Serbia's campaign of "cleansing" Bosnia of its Muslim people should be summarily stopped. Unfortunately, Serbia is not Iraq and Bosnia is not Kuwait, and it is becoming impossible to muster international consensus as to what to do next. This being the situation, public opinion in Arab and Muslim countries is seriously calling for a declaration of war on Serbia.

It is expected that such an act of war will coalesce the embarrassment of the US government and the indignant Arab and Muslim world into one cohesive movement akin to that of the collaboration during the Gulf war. Ludwig W. Tamari, Potomac, Md.

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