Avoiding an arms race

The front-page article "Arms Sales Take Off in Asia as China Bids for Supremacy," Oct. 5, brings to our attention the possibility of a serious confrontation with China. China is building a military that could dominate the Asian region and is developing nuclear weaponry and long-range missles. We have economic interests in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. Will the resistance of these countries to China's domination draw us into a conflict with China?

It is going to take skilled diplomacy to avoid getting into an arms race with China. President Bush is a seasoned diplomat. His proven experience as a diplomat will help him to come to an accord with China that will not only benefit the United States but will give the world a feeling of peace. Mr. Bush's worldwide expertise is also needed to handle the problems associated with the unification of Europe. There is at this time a greater issue than our economy: It is world peace. Warren Pease, Honeoye, N.Y.

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