Show-Business Lingo

Backstage. Behind the stage, such as in the wings or dressing rooms.

Curtain call. The appearance of performers at the end of a theatrical or other performance in response to applause from the audience.

Footlights. Lights at the front of the stage that are level with the feet of the performers.

Ham. A slang word for acting in an exaggerated or silly way.

Improvise. To perform without previous preparation, on the spur of the moment.

Prop. Short for property, any moveable item used on stage.

Scenery. Furniture or painted backdrops that create the illusion of a place.

Sketch. A short play or dramatic performance.

Spotlight. A lamp used to focus light upon a person or object on stage.

Stagehand. A person who moves props or scenery in a theatrical production.

Wing. the space to the right or left of the stage.

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