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A report released Wednesday criticizes the Los Angeles Police Department's response to last spring's riots. The report by former FBI and CIA director William Webster and Hubert Williams, president of the Washington-based Police Foundation, says hostility and mistrust of officials, poor equipment, and a go-it-alone police strategy hindered teamwork in controlling the violence.... American archivists will go to Vietnam soon to review documents on Americans missing from the Vietnam conflict, the New York Ti mes reported yesterday. Sen. John McCain (R) of Arizona said photos he has seen of supposed MIAs appear to be of Americans who returned from war. EUROPE AND ASIA

The Dutch Aviation Inspectorate says it believes a crack in a link between engine and wing may have caused an El Al cargo jet to crash in Amsterdam Oct. 4.... A newly adopted concept calls for South Korea to provide mainly ground troops while the US provides air and sea power in case of war on the Korean Peninsula, South Korean Defense Minister Choi Sae Chang said yesterday.... Iran will send oil to Bosnia-Herzegovina and airlift war wounded to Tehran for treatment, the Islamic Republic News Agency said Wednesday. A delegation will go to Bosnia with medicine and emergency food supplies Monday. The United Nations said yesterday it was resuming its airlift to Sarajevo.... Three Irish Republican Army bombs exploded in London Wednesday, wounding six people and damaging a train, bringing the toll since Oct. 7 to one dead and 17 injured in 13 explosions. In Northern Ireland, a bomb exploded near Belfast Wednesday, wounding two policemen and three civilians and causing damage.

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