A Two-Sided Coin: Term Limits for Congress

Regarding the book review "A Cap on Political Careerism," Oct. 5: Author George Will's simplistic solution of term limits for legislators in order to correct congressional excesses in the wasting of taxpayers' money would set the revolving doors in Washington spinning at a dizzying speed.

Anyone going into politics for only a few years will certainly use his or her office as a career diving board and will curry favor with special corporate interests. A lucrative long-term career in the private sector at the end of a short stint in the public sector is not to be sneezed at.

The reviewer is correct in saying that Mr. Will is regrettably silent on increasing the ability of all congressional candidates to compete on a level playing field through campaign-finance reforms to reduce the incumbents' advantages. Also, American voters can limit the terms of their legislators by voting. It would seem that much of the blame for misuse of public funds lies with the public. R. N. Simpson, Mendocino, Calif

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