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US officials returned from Vietnam Tuesday with thousands of photographs that could help determine the fate of Americans missing from the Vietnam conflict.... About 1 in 5 large US public water supply systems has unhealthy lead levels in drinking water, the Environmental Protection Agency said Tuesday. EUROPE AND THE MIDDLE EAST

Heavy fighting broke out Tuesday between Bosnian and Croatian troops in the Bosnia-Herzevogina city of Vitez, forcing UN forces to evacuate relief workers. Meanwhile, Presidents Dobrica Cosic of Yugoslavia and Franjo Tudjman of Croatia signed an agreement in Geneva to speed up normalization of relations, open liaison offices, grant dual citizenship to Serbs in Croatia and Croats in Yugoslavia, and allow Bosnia to be divided into autonomous areas. Yesterday, the UN said it is suspending the airlift of rel ief supplies to Sarajevo, and Bosnian President Alija Izetbegovic said he would send an officer to talks on demilitarizing Sarajevo.... British coal miners yesterday protested in London plans to shut mines. Yesterday, the House of Commons was expected to vote on a motion calling for a review of industry plans.... Amnesty International yesterday condemned governments for killing and torturing children, and criticized American states for executing people for crimes committed as juveniles.... Britain yesterda y acted on a US trade ban with Cuba by invoking a law to allow British subsidiaries of American firms to continue exporting to Cuba.... Egypt Tuesday instituted a one-year moratorium on construction in Cairo after the Oct. 12 earthquake, which killed more than 550 people and injured some 10,000 people.

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