The Christian Science Monitor has won a Population Institute 1992 Global Media Award for a July 8, 1992, special report on the impact of global population growth and efforts to slow it.

The special report, which earned the award in the "best major daily" category, drew on the Monitor's international bureau network to examine the social, cultural, and religious forces that bear on population issues.

The report also highlighted programs that have succeeded in slowing population growth in several countries.

The Monitor's George D. Moffett III (Washington) and Ruth Wales (Boston) coordinated the project, which included stories by staff writers Moffett, Brad Knickerbocker (who covered the environmental summit in Rio de Janiero), David Clark Scott (Mexico City), Shelia Tefft (Bangkok), and Cameron Barr (Dhaka, Bangladesh), as well as contributors Julia Michaels (Telemaco Borba, Brazil), Shelley Emling (Guatemala City), and Carol Berger (Cairo).

Staff photographers Melanie Stetson Freeman and Robert Harbison provided photo support.

Monitor design director John Van Pelt developed the layout and graphics for the project.

Among other winners: Newsweek magazine for best team reporting; The Economist magazine for best periodical; Sara Engram of the Baltimore Sun for best columnist; Gary Blonston of Knight-Ridder Newspapers for best individual reporting; freelance journalist Paul Harrison, whose articles appeared in the Guardian, for best population/environment reporting; the International Herald Tribune for best international daily newspaper, and Tom Toles of the Buffalo News for best cartoonist.

The Population Institute, based in Washington, D.C., was established in 1969 to focus attention on the relationship between population growth and environmental and resource issues.

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