Harvard Law Review Faces Racism Probe

A SPECIAL investigator will examine allegations of racism, sexism, and abuse of power that are rocking the Harvard Law Review, Law School Dean Robert Clark announced Saturday.

The complaints against Review President Emily Schulman have bitterly divided staff members at one of the nation's most prominent legal journals edited by students.

"Racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination are divisive, degraded forces which I am deeply committed to eradicating both at the law review and beyond," Ms. Schulman said.

Dean Clark said Saturday he would appoint an investigator or investigators in the next few days, preferably former review staffers who work in the Boston area.

"We have made no judgment who's right or wrong," he said.

One of the four black women editors spearheading the complaints, Rhonda Adams, said Saturday the investigation was "a step in the right direction."

A recent no-confidence vote on Schulman by student editors resulted in a tie.

The Harvard Law Review is edited by second- and third-year law students selected on the basis of grades, a writing competition, and other criteria.

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