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Sports, and other extracurricular activities at Chicago's public schools Wednesday were temporarily spared threatened budget cuts, thanks to $800,000 donated by the Foot Locker stores, the Chicago Sun-Times, and other businesses..... Most Amtrak employees consider the railroad unsafe, according to an Amtrak survey made public Wednesday.... Peru's Supreme Military Tribunal Wednesday upheld the life sentence imposed on Shining Path leader Abimael Guzman Reynoso, closing a chapter on the hemisphere's most violent insurgency. EUROPE AND THE MIDDLE EAST

Royal Navy divers Wednesday found the wreckage of the engine from an El Al jet that crashed near Amsterdam Oct. 12. The engine was found in the Gooi Sound, some 10 miles from the crash site.... The South Korean government Wednesday asked for the cockpit voice recorder of a Korean jetliner downed by the Soviet Union in 1983. Yesterday, the Koreans released details of how the Kremlin tried to conceal the truth of the incident. A Seoul official said KGB files recently delivered were incomplete and revealed nothing new.... The executive bureau of France's National Assembly voted Wednesday to spare from prosecution former Premier Laurent Fabius, now a Socialist Party leader, and two ministers implicated in a scandal in which some 1,200 hemophiliacs were said to have contracted AIDS from blood transfusions in 1985. At least 256 died. Health officials reportedly knew blood stocks were contaminated.... A study released yesterday by Germany's Economics Ministry recommends a scaling-down of the European Community's involvement in industry, regional policy, transport, and other areas.

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