Foreigners in Germany

The Opinion page article "Germany Moves to the Right," Oct. 1, is not written with fairness. The occurrences of escalating violence against foreigners is very deplorable and wrong. But the article does not take into consideration the causes leading to these outbreaks. Placing blame is of no help. There is more to it than just a wave of neo-Nazi sentiments.

All those Western countries that refuse to take in more refugees should refrain from scapegoating Germany, because it is their unwillingness to share the burden that causes the steadily increasing influx of refugees into a country that is already overpopulated.

It is absolutely essential that the German government take action toward introducing some measures to stem the steadily increasing influx of refugees, just as all other Western governments have already done. Steps in this direction should have been taken before the outbreak of violence. Such steps have less to do with neo-Nazism than with self-preservation.

The rioters should turn their anger, not toward the refugees, but toward the government and demand a much-needed change of policies. Rose Arndt, Waynesville, N.C.

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