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Population - Regional average net change (1980-1990):+10.83 percent. Racial Distribution - This region is predominantly white, with percentages ranging from about 64 percent in Mississippi to 83 percent in Florida. Black populations reside in all states of the South, though Oklahoma's 7.4 percent and Mississippi's 35.6 percent represent the smallest and largest of these communities. Hispanics make up a quarter of the populace of Texas, and American Indians live in Oklahoma, Virginia, and North Carolina. Economy - Manufacturing, trade, services, agriculture, government, tourism, forestry, construction, transportation, mining, chemicals, food processing, communications. Per Capita Income - Regional average (1990) - $15,896 Unemployment - Regional average (through August 1992) - 7.09 percent Sources: *1990 census figures. The World Almanac and Book of Facts (1982, 1992), US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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